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Wearing my Hoodie in Support of Trayvon Martin

Just wanted to share this photo of myself in order to express my support of the Million Hoodie March that recently transpired in New York City for Trayvon Martin (who was wearing a hoodie at the time of his murder by George Zimmerman). Though I wasn’t physically in attendance, through the medium of blogging, I’m showing my full support for his family and for the hopes that justice will be properly served. No injustice of this magnitude should happen to anyone in this country. I wanted to circulate this photo to show there is nothing threatening about a young black male in a hoodie. I’d also like to mention that Keith Olbermann of Current TV wore a hoodie during the broadcast of his show this evening.


8 thoughts on “Wearing my Hoodie in Support of Trayvon Martin”

  1. I love this so much. Such a heartbreaking tragedy, sending my love to his family. I will be posting a photo as well to show my support. And Keith Olbermann is such a good man, I love it:)

    1. I love it too Bailey. We as bloggers have a voice and the things we say can make a difference. Your blog taught me that! And glad to meet another Olbermann fan too:-)

    1. Yes! It’s like you told me earlier this week. I’ve been informed so I can’t sit back and ignore it. Too many of these injustices have occurred for far too long in our country. Regardless of the ethnicity, this kind of behavior has no place in our society. Thanks again for helping me better understand these things.

  2. I am so tore up over this tragedy. So sad.I am almost ready to back out of going to Mania. I plan to drive all the way from Kentucky to see my beloved Edge get inducted. However, I am terrified. I am a minority and I am too scared if heaven forbid I need directions or my car breaks down some idiot will find a reason to shoot me. We have a similar law here in KY actually. I guess they don’t go that nuts here, but I am just scared.

    I plan to wear my Randy Orton hoodie tomorrow for work in support of this young man. I really thought we were beyond this. 😦

  3. It appears that the posters here all know with confidence what happened in Florida. I cannot make such a claim. News reports do suggest that there is evidence that Zimmerman was in fact defending himself, but again I am not looking to try this case before the court does as so many misinformed folks seem to be doing across the nation. Olberman wearing the hodie is simple evidence tht he is a biased journalist who has prejudged the situation, nothing more. Do you want your political agenda justified, or do you want actual justice? Let’s let the police, feds, and courts determine what happened, and not make any assumptions about either Martin or Zimmerman. That is how it works. Now, I can agree that the local police handled the initial investifgtion terribly, anytime someone is shot a thorough investigation needs to occur. However, how can you wear hodies to support Martin when you don’t know if in fact he was the aggrssor or not?

  4. I must make an observation: If the pundits, protestors, and talking heads that scream with such indignation at this case did the same towards cases where young blacks are killing other young blacks, you would have a much more significant impact on violence in your communities. Does the relatively infrequent event of a hispanic killing a black trump the very frequent event of black-on-black violence? Where is the indignation, protests, and community-action-rallies focused on this issue? Again, this is where you should focus your efforts. You would position yourself to prevent many, many more murders. Unfortunately, this issue is about percieved racism, which seems to be more important than the actual murder.

    1. Hi Matt,

      First I’d like to thank you for taking out the time to read my blog and hope you‘re having a great day. I welcome any and all feedback to what I write.

      You’re correct in that all of the information pertaining to this case hasn’t been released to the public, but the information which has been released has been very damning to Zimmerman’s case to say the least. While every 911 tape hasn’t been made available for public consumption, there was a tape released where we clearly heard a supervising police officer advise Zimmerman to NOT pursue the boy. That fact is indisputable. Why on earth would you continue to pursue someone after you’ve been ordered by your superior to not do so? At my job, if my boss tells me not do something then, rest assured, I won’t do it. It’s as simple as 2+2.

      And Zimmerman may have been attacked after he became the first aggressor. If a random guy who appears to weigh 100 lbs more than myself is following me down a dark street then I would likely begin to defend myself as well. Given their difference in size and the fact that Martin was unarmed (unless you consider an iced tea bottle as a weapon) then I find it hard to believe that Zimmerman’s life was in enough danger to justify the use of a firearm. I also find it strange that the majority of news outlets that have supported the idea of Zimmerman as the victim have been predominately far-right and conservative based. After all, it doesn’t get more fringe than Glenn Beck, a guy so far out of touch with reality that he was fired from Fox News. Beck’s credibility as a journalist is so ruined that we’d all be better off not paying him (and other pundits like him) any attention! Lol. Recent public polls have shown that over 70% of our county feels that some wrongdoing was committed on Zimmerman’s part.

      And as far as Olbermann goes, he’s one of my favorite journalists. Do I agree with everything he says? Of course not. But I do respect him and enjoy his show. That’s my personal taste and we’re all entitled to like whoever we choose. I’d like to make it known there are news personalities I like on Fox News too.

      The fact that a Hispanic killed a black boy is not lost on me at all, nor is the continuing epidemic of black-on black violence. For me this has never been a white-on-black issue. Either way, what happened, and what continues to happen, is wrong on all fronts. It’s also wrong that a fringe remnant of the Black Panthers organization recently put a $10,000 bounty on Zimmerman’s head. I’m of the mindset that “violence begets more violence.” Regardless of what may have happened to Zimmerman, if anything did happen to him, I’m of the belief that he had no probable cause to inflict the kind of violence he did.

      Violence from any race to another (or to their own) is unacceptable. I do hope justice is served and I also hope this incident causes each of us to take a long hard look into our souls to examine ourselves and why incidents of this nature seem to happen all too frequently in our country. Most important, I hope it causes us to all think of ways we can help be apart of the solution.

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