Dreams Can Become True Once They’re Broken into Bite-Sized Pieces

In the daily grind of life we often weigh ourselves down trying to fulfill unrealistic expectations. It’s like the New Year Resolution syndrome. You try to set a big goal and may be really serious about it for a short period of time until a situation or distraction arises. And then another…and another. Before long, you will have forgotten about your original goal and gone on to create ten more. And the goal may have simply been too high of a bar to reach anyway.

Instead of setting one giant goal, it may be best to break down that goal into individual pieces or “mini goals.” Achieving each of the smaller goals will give you a boost of confidence while keeping the big picture in front of you of what you’d really like to achieve one day.

I’m beginning to apply this principle to my life. I’ve often been the worst at reaching the goals I set out to conquer and have often described myself as the ultimate beginner. I can start a project or assignment like the best, but I lose my hunger along the way and end up completing my tasks in a very lackluster manner. That’s even if I finish at all! I think a lot of people become frustrated in their personal and professional lives due to the fact they feel they can’t ever accomplish the things they set out to do. We often get overwhelmed by our own lofty expectations of where we think we should be at in life and fail to take pleasure in the simplicity of doing the little things that will get us to our end result.

Whatever you desire can become a reality. People always tell me that I can write a book someday. I believe I can. Will it happen tomorrow? No. Will it happen two months from now? Highly unlikely. However, I’m taking baby steps towards realizing that goal. Every blog post I write, story I submit for publication, author I speak with, writing workshop I attend and research I conduct, is getting me closer to the day when I will release my masterpiece onto an unsuspecting general public and shock them with my literary prowess (while climbing the bestseller charts)!!!

Anything is possible , but trying to do it all at once, or without a proper game plan, is a surefire way to fail.



2 thoughts on “Dreams Can Become True Once They’re Broken into Bite-Sized Pieces”

  1. The importance of taking one step at a time is the fundamental concept of goal achievement that I believe most people overlook or at least lie to themselves that it isn’t necessary. Great post that tells us all that goals are obtainable overtime!

    1. Thanks Eric! You’re 100% correct. I’ve really put this principle into practice this year with great results. I’d rather have a ton of small victories than one giant failure!

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