Why Do You Blog?

Hey everyone. Being that we’re all bloggers, there is one fundamental trait we each have in common– we like to write. Regardless of our age, level of expertise or interests, we each use this platform to convey our thoughts to the world. If we just wanted to play it safe and share our thoughts with anyone then we would just talk to our friends and family. The fact that we’re bold enough to put our most intimate thoughts, beliefs and fears out there for all to see shows we have a desire to share our worldview with a global audience. And by doing so, we may become fortunate enough to make a difference in someone’s life. I believe that if one person connects with your blog, then you’ve already accomplished a noteworthy feat. Blogging truly gives each of us a unique voice in the global community.

I blog because I love writing first and foremost. There is no greater feeling than to get on my keyboard and type away on whatever topic crosses my mind and then click the “publish” button and know that my work is out there for all to see. Receiving feedback is an added bonus, but I like to think I’d still enjoy this even if no one ever commented on any of my writings or followed my blog. However, I’d love more subscribers!

I want to pose a question to every blogger who reads this. What motivates you to blog and what do wish to gain from the experience?


12 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?”

  1. I’ve been blogging for many years..Just retired my poetry blog( geez, the pressure of having to post poems constantly, well…) so now I am here in my new homestead where like you, just gonna post whatever pops up that day..love to read what this globe has to say..so here I be…..

    1. Here I be as well! I’ve been a consistent blogger for about six months. I can imagine that a poetry blog would be kind of difficult to maintain. How long did you have it for?

      1. Well I had that for 2 years, but also founded this (takeittothestreetpoetry.com) so time was very scarce.. thinking I’ll enjoy this laid back blog..

  2. Nice topic pal. I have been blogging consistently for almost a year now, which is of course my own site WR. I blog because I’m very passionate about wrestling and have an opinion about it, that being that, I want people to read what I have to say. I want discussion to evolve based from my own opinion. It gives me something to do in my free time if I got nothing else going on. It’s a hobby. I just enjoy doing it.

    I blog every Thursday and try my best to continue to do this for a long time.

    1. Thanks bro. I love to read and comment on your WR stuff and the entire site is great. I think the most successful bloggers are the ones, like us, who do it for the pure enjoyment. Plus us wrestling fans love a good discussion!

      1. Thanks bro. I do plan to make money from it but not anytime soon. The site is growing as it just goes really. It’s amazing. You’ll notice the same with this blog. It’s like an accomplishment really, you see your goal becoming reached and then you get tons of ideas to improve it. But as you said, it’s just enjoyment!

  3. I like to blog because I am a diehard fan of sports, and wrestling and of many other things, and I like to express my feelings about them, and share my point of view. I blog for a blogger site called CamelClutchBlog.com run by Eric Gariguilo. Great guy. Anyway, I love to write as well.

  4. I’m new to Word Press and I quite enjoy it because it forces me to TRY and think deeper
    of how an object or subject is presented – not by what’s obvious but by what’s not being shown or what’s not being said. It’s a design thing – helps me to learn more, improve and appreciate other points of view. It’s funny but Word Press is just post graduation homework!
    Best wishes in realizing your dreams with The New York Times.

    1. That’s great to hear. Blogging has given me alot of post-graduation practice as well. I’m a Journalism graduate, yet I’ve found myself being pulled more into the creative side of writing. I think my overall writing skills improve with every post I write.
      Blogging also forces me to dig deep and really pay attention to the things that happen in my everyday life. I’ve found out that most of the things I experience can be things that others will find interesting.

      I wish you much success in your design career as well. Your blog is very unique and informative (plus you have a really cool name). Thanks for your support and, just for that ,you can be sure that I’ll mention you in my book!!!

      1. Hey I just realized how conceited I must have come across – writing and talking are two different things. Thanks Word Press for lesson #1. My apologies. Thanks for the tip on personal experiences making good writing and reading. Thank-you for the compliments – I look forward to reading your book one day! Nice to “meet” you.

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