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Notes from Tremendous Feb. 27 Edition of WWE Monday Night Raw

Hey everyone. In lieu of writing a typical wrestling post, I’d like to take some time to share my thoughts from last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw. In my opinion, it was ridiculously good show and WWE is clearly on the right track to building up the key matches for Wrestlemania 28. There were a ton of great things about the show, so let’s get into it:

        • The opening promo battle between Chris Jericho and C.M. Punk was epic. It was the moment that fans have been anticipating ever since Jericho’s return to the company. We all knew from day one that they were building to a confrontation amongst these two extremely talented performers, but it seemed as if they struggled to get there. Jericho won a battle royal last week to officially get the shot against Punk, but it was their promo from last night that really put things into overdrive. There is nothing better in wrestling than to see two guys go back and forth over a heated issue and they both came with a full deck on hand. There have been a ton of good promos on Raw lately (HHH/Undertaker/Shawn Michaels and John Cena/Rock), but these two proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, why they are among the top talkers in all of professional wrestling today.
        • I also enjoyed another champion vs. champion match between Punk and Daniel Bryan. They are two of the best all-around wrestlers on the planet and this was actually the third match they’ve had against each other on television this year. Even though it was a backdrop for the Teddy Long/ John Laurinaitis feud, the match was still very good.
        • Jericho’s post-match attack on Punk was masterfully orchestrated. Jericho displayed a vicious nature that he’s lacked since coming back and it appeared to get over with the crowd in a major way.
        • I must admit I’m very intrigued by the change in Eve Torres’ character. Her altercation with Cena last week was brilliant and she really seems to be shining in the role of a manipulative vixen. She’s displaying the best acting and promo abilities of her career thus far.
        • This Long/Laurinaitis feud has been extremely entertaining. I think a big reason for that is because Laurinaitis is so good in his role as an arrogant boss. I’ve never cared much for Long and I really would like it if Laurinaitis were to become the G.M. of both Raw and Smackdown. Plus it gives the guys like David Otunga and Santino Marella something to do over the next few weeks.
        • That three-way tag match of Primo/Epico vs. Kofi Kingston/R. Truth vs. Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler was tremendous while it lasted. All three teams had great chemistry with each other and there were a ton of cool spots in the match. Kingston was the standout, yet Ziggler continued to prove why he’s among the top performers in the business. I was actually expecting a title change, but Epico and Primo squeaked out the victory. The only thing I didn’t like was how Kane interfered afterwards, thus rendering all of their hard work and momentum as useless.
        • The final segment with Rock and Cena was everything it was supposed to be. Rock can do no wrong when he’s in front of the crowd and they hung on his every word as usual. He did a great job of cranking up the seriousness, but also got plenty of catchphrases and crowd chants going. He did address what Cena mentioned last week about him promising the fans he’d never leave again and how he was going to beat Rock for all the boys in the back who bust their butts every night for the company.

          Cena’s arrival midway through certainly upped the ante and created a genuinely electrifying atmosphere. When these two are in the ring together you can see how much of a different level they are on compared to anyone else in wrestling today. This feud is being played up as though there is legitimate beef between the two (there are some very real feelings involved).  Cena did a good job of one-upping the Rock while saying some pretty clever lines, but Rock, even on his worst day, is still among the most charismatic guys in history and it’s impossible to ever surpass him on the mic. This was a strong ending that made you even hungrier to see where they will continue with this.






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