Pro Wrestling

Indy Wrestling Presents the Sport in its Purest Form

To the general public, the mention of professional wrestling conjures up thoughts of WWE and it’s understandable since WWE is the only dominant wrestling promotion today. But there are alternatives for those seeking something other than the mainstream.

Independent wrestling (indy) represents the sport in its purest form. There are no restrictions on who is marketable enough to compete or the type of maneuvers performed and, unlike WWE, the size of a performer is not detrimental to their success on this level. A comparison could be made to the indy music scene. Many prefer the raw and honest appeal of a band that performs in front of a few hundred fans at a nightclub, as opposed to the same band that signs with a major label and performs to sellout crowds in huge arenas, only to discover they have lost all their previous artistic substance due to the commercialized demands of their record label. Attending an indy show also gives fans a chance to interact with the wrestlers in a way that’s impossible to do so at a WWE event. I’ve been to plenty of indy shows over the last couple of years where the wrestlers actually come into the crowd to talk with the fans and sign autographs during the intermission.

I love WWE and always will, but this brief video will expose you to the other side of wrestling. You may like what you see!


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