YouTube Addiction and Writing Goals for 2012

Hello everyone. It’s been eight days since I last blogged, but it’s not my fault! I entirely point the finger of blame at You Tube. I’ve wasted countless hours on the popular video-sharing website for years, but this past week I finally discovered the true addictive nature of You Tube lies in uploading your own videos. I thought blogging was an adrenaline rush, but the feeling of making my own videos and getting great (for my standards) levels of feedback to them is like a drug I just can’t get enough of!!!

Fear not though, I haven’t lost my passion for blogging. Actually, my writing  is going to another level this year. My main goal in life is to still become an author, but I’ve also developed a hunger for freelancing. I believe my specialty is in creative nonfiction and I’m making great strides to get my foot into the door. I spent last night and the early part of the morning researching some literary journals where I want to submit my work. I have plenty of great ideas in my head, now I just have to write them out. Most journals and periodicals (magazines) set their publishing schedule months in advance, so if I plan on seeing my work published this year then I need to start writing immediately.

Towards the end of last year, I developed a list of New Year’s writing resolutions. I’ve done a few of them already, but the key will be to remain consistent. There are more, but I believe these are the most important areas I need to focus on for now. After all, consistency is the key to achieving great success in any area of life.

Jeuron Dove’s Plan for Writing Success this Year

1. Blog at least 1-2 times per week- Blogging is an easy and fun way to express my emotions without the professional restraints of writing for publication. Plus it keeps my mind fresh.

2. Contact various local university publications for freelance work- I used to work as a staff writer for my alma mater’s alumni publication. Every major college and university has one and I’ve already contacted one local institution and sent them a resume and a few of my clips (published articles). They didn’t have any freelance work available at the moment, but at least they know who I am now and will keep me in touch for future assignments. Luckily, Greensboro is a college town and I have plenty more options to choose from.

3. Read and practice from The Elements of Style and English Grammar for Dummies Workbook on a daily basis- Always need to sharpen up my skills. Plus, The Elements of Style is a book that all writers should have in their collection.

4. Aggressively interview women for book idea- I plan to write a book which revolves around women. I’m still fine tuning my concept, but I do know this much for sure. Since many of my best friends are women, I need to find the time to go and talk to some of them in order to gather information. I’ve interviewed a few so far and I’ve talked with others about arranging a time to meet. The quicker I conduct  my interviews and research, the quicker I can begin writing a rough draft.

5. Join a writers peer critique group- There is no better way to sharpen my own wiring than to be around other writers. One of the big mistakes with new writers is that they believe their writing is perfect. It’s always good to be around others with more experience who can give an objective critique on my work. Besides, I’d rather face constructive criticism and numerous revisions from my peers before I submit my work to a major editor.


6 thoughts on “YouTube Addiction and Writing Goals for 2012”

  1. Yep will do. BTW I just had a 3 week hiatus from my site and IWC, and will be posting for the first time back tomorrow. Sounds odd but the hours it took to build that website and months before was crazy!

    If you ever want to submit an article to WR, feel free 🙂

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