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An Introduction to Anime Pt. 2: Why Anime Openings Are So Freaking Awesome!

One of my favorite things about watching anime are the cool opening credit sequences. Unlike the typical American cartoon, anime openings are very intricately put together to really give the viewer an overview of what an entire show is about. I’ll admit that I’ve purchased many anime series solely based on how interesting their openings were.

An anime opening typically runs for 1:30 and contains many clips of the main characters of the series, usually in some type of action. Perhaps, the biggest difference, as compared to their American counterparts, is that the lyrics to an anime theme song are sung by major recording artist. Many of Japan’s biggest music stars are sometimes known for their work on anime songs, just as much as their chart-topping singles. For an example, it would be like a star the caliber of a  Laday Gaga singing the intro to a popular cartoon like Disney’s Phineas & Ferb. As you will see, these openings  truly show just how much anime has to offer.

1. This is the opening to Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the latest installment of the long-running Gundam franchise of mecha shows. Since this is a mecha series, you will notice that most of the action revolves around the giant robots.

2. This is the opening from the 2009 series Eden of the East. I haven’t watched this show, but it seems to deal with technology with a sci-fi twist. This is a rare example of an anime that has non- Japanese music.

3. This is the opening from Clannad, an extremely popular shoujo romantic series.

4. This is the opening from Black Lagoon. I don’t know much about this series other than is packed with tons of violence and gunplay. Notice how the hardcore rock music helps to give the series an “anything goes” type of feel.

5. This is the ending clip to Slam Dunk (the opening wasn’t too exciting). One of the most popular sports series of the 90s.

6. This is the opening of K-On!, a series about a group of schoolgirls forming a rock band. This show definitely appeals to young girls and seems to have a very carefree vibe to it.

7.  This is the opening to Samurai Champloo, a very original concept which mixes a feudal-era samurai stroy with a hip-hop twist.

8. The opening to Paranoia Agent, a show which totally defies description. Very confusing.

9. The opening to Cowboy Bebop, an all-tme classic. The music is entirely comprised of jazz instrumentals.

10. You can’t have any list about anime without including Bleach. This is the second season opening to this extremely long and popular shonen series. This show basically revolves around fighting.

11. I must end this list with one of most unique openings (and series) that I’ve ever seen. Witness the greatness of Baccano!


4 thoughts on “An Introduction to Anime Pt. 2: Why Anime Openings Are So Freaking Awesome!”

  1. Hey Jeuron, thanks for commenting back at my site!
    Just to let you know, I update the site every wednesday with a song (usually an intro/ending theme from animes) and I just wanted you to know that I have around 19 songs that I have posted. Feel free to stop on by

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