The Best Darn Obligatory Thanksgiving Day Blog Ever!

Since every blogger in America is writing about Thanksgiving, I figure I have to write my own “what I’m thankful for” story. This is similar to the obligatory radio friendly single from your favorite artist. You love the artist, but the song they play on the radio is pure fluff and doesn’t represent the true artistic nature they possess. Just like the song “Sunshine” from Jay-Z’s 1997 album In My Lifetime Vol.1. He is still the greatest rapper of all time, but what a horrible song that was. It was easily his worst single ever! I’m sure Jay-Z himself didn’t even like the song, but he had to give the people what they wanted. However, I can assure you that this blog will be much better than that song. Lol. As we all partake in our meal with family and friends, take the time out to reflect on the things that are really important in your life.

Also, for anyone participating in Black Friday sales, my only advice for you is to be careful. Every year I hear about someone getting seriously injured, or even killed, in the midst of all the chaos. I love a good sale, but I’m not about to risk my life for a flatscreen  television set!!!

The following is a list of five things I’m specifically thankful for that have taken place this year.

1. I’m thankful for the success I’ve had with blogging

I knew that I was taking a chance when I resumed my blog a few months ago. I wasn’t sure if people would be interested in what I’d have to say and I felt it would be a potential waste of time. However, I persevered and my work as definitely paid off. I have 14 subscribers and pretty much every entry I post receives some type of feedback. A blogger cannot ask for much more than that. Blogging is a fun hobby for me and I’ve enjoyed getting to interact with my subscribers and others who read my stuff. Hopefully, by this time next year my blog will have increased in popularity, but even if it doesn’t then I’m thankful for how successful it has been so far.

2. I’m thankful for being let go from my previous job

The date of July 28, 2011, was perhaps the most important day of my year. It was the day when the last full-time position I has ended. The less I say about that job the better. It was a temporary job and my boss and I had mutual parting of the ways. I still have a good relationship with the people who work there, but the job was a gross misuse of my talent and ability. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I go to my grave– there is no worse feeling on earth than waking up everyday to go to a job you hate. Ever since that day, my life has been considerably less stressful.

3. I’m thankful for the awesome relationships I’ve formed with people at my current job

I’ve been employed at a Food Lion grocery store for years. Over much of the last year and a half I’ve pretty much been a weekend-only employee (due to my previous job). However, since August, I’ve been working there on a regular basis and have never had as much fun working there as I have now. I’ve truly made some lasting friendships and just enjoy all of the crazy things we go through everyday at the store. I can honestly say two things about the job: it’s rarely a dull moment and I actually look forward to reporting in to work. If you can say those two things about a job then you should consider yourself fortunate.

4. I’m thankful for seeing 26 years of life

This may sound clichéd , but I really am thankful to have lived to see my 26th birthday. Everyday I watch the news I’m reminded that there are so many people who don’t like to see my age.

5. I’m thankful for the Investigation Discovery Channel

Since having DirecTV, I’ve come to discover that the Investigation Discovery channel is one of the best things I have in my life right now. ID is nothing but nonstop 24/7 shows about crime and mystery. Some of my favorites include 48 Hours, Dateline, Deadly Women, I (Almost) Got Away With It, and New Detectives. I’ll probably spend the majority of my day watching these shows. ID has provided me with countless hours of crime-solving goodness this year.


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