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ESPN Takes an In-Depth Look at Former Wrestling Megastar Scott Hall

Fifteen years ago, Scott Hall was one of the premier stars in the world of professional wrestling. He was involved in one of the greatest matches of all time, the 1994 ladder match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania X. He later achieved his greatest success in World Championship Wrestling as one of the original members of the New World Order; a group that revolutionized pro wrestling in the late 90s.

Today, Hall is a shell of his former self and a tragic figure of wrestling history. On Wednesday, October 19, at 8 p.m., ESPN’s E:60 series will take a look at the downfall of a man who at one point was destined to end up as one of the legends of the game.

The following video is a preview of the broadcast. Is shows him at a small independent wrestling event unable to even walk into the ring on his own. The show will chronicle his longstanding struggle against his personal demons, and will feature commentary from those who’ve worked with him over the years (such as former WCW president Eric Bischoff). This is a must-see for wrestling fans and anyone who wants to know the harsh realities of what drugs and alcohol can do to a person.


8 thoughts on “ESPN Takes an In-Depth Look at Former Wrestling Megastar Scott Hall”

  1. What??? Is this real??? Scott Hall was one of my favorite wrestlers. I got SO pissed when my lil’ brother was playing with my wrestling men and ripped off the Superman curl that hung over his forehead. I hope I can catch a re-run of this soon.

  2. P.S. I’ve been trying to find your blog since my first comment on it. Your name is not linked to your blog. Could you link your name to your blog. For instance, if you click on my name it will take you to my blog.

    1. Oh ok. I’m still pretty new to all the technical details of WordPress. I will do that immediately. Can I go to the dashboard and do it?

  3. Yeah. You should be able to do so. It maybe is doing this because you had another user name or blog name. You got me on YouTube watching wrestling stuff now.

    1. Well, that is one of my goals for having this blog! I’m always trying to educate people about wrestling. Lol. I actually just got a WordPress for Dummies book in the mail. I want to learn how do alot more things that will make my blog more attractive and easier to navigate.

      The Scott Hall special was sad. I’m suprised he’s still alive after all the abuse he put his body through. Hope he really gets serious about turning his life around.

  4. Wrestling is my first love. A WordPress for Dummies book? WordPress isn’t that hard to understand. Have you read any of the free resources WordPress has for blogging? That could’ve saved you money. Now if you are talking about .ORG WordPress I understand. I don’t find your blog hard to navigate at all.

  5. Oh, well thanks. Lol. I got it used off Amazon so I didn’t pay too much, but I see your point! I did read alot of the stuff up here my first week. I’m more of a book person though (long story). Glad to hear that wrestling is your first love.

    Most of my subscribers are female and they aren’t too big on wrestling (I think), so I try to write on alot of other topics that will appeal to a wider audience (it helps that i’m into just about everything). I will write at least one wrestling related story per week though since it’s my first love as well. Lol.

    1. Hey Yo! I’m bookish, too. Well, I’m a subscriber now and don’t mind reading a multi-purpose blog…the best darn one at that. Thanks for commenting on one of FY’s letters which enabled me to find your blog again.

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