Birthday + Homecoming= Massively Fun Week!

Hey everyone. I know it’s been a while since I’ve written, but I do have a good reason.

This past week was dominated by two major events: my birthday and college homecoming. I had so many things to do this week that I kind of put my writing on the backburner. I was thinking about different things to write, but never got around to doing any of it.

On last Monday I celebrated my 26th birthday. It’s a weird deal. When I was a kid I always felt I would look and feel super old by the time I was in my late twenties (back then I thought being 30 was old. Lol). Instead I still look and feel as young as ever. I’m a very  low-key person and not a big partier, so the highlight of that day consisted of my mom treating me to lunch at Golden Corral and going out with some friends to a gospel concert.

The rest of my week involved work and the usual grind. My weekend was officially dominated by homecoming activities. North Carolina A&T State University doesn’t have the size or financial resources of other North Carolina schools such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University or N.C. State University, but we do have what has become known over the years as the “greatest homecoming on earth.”

Homecoming is like a big family reunion every year. Seeing all of my old friends, classmates, and fraternity brothers is what makes the weekend so incredible. This year was even more special since the football team won its first homecoming game in years, which was certainly a cause for celebration around Aggieland on yesterday. The most important thing about our homecoming is that it’s an event for the entire city of Greensboro; not just for A&T alumni. It’s incredible to see all of the families and little kids that participate in the events. Even students and alumni from other universities attend the festivities. There are probably more students from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (our neighboring institution) who attend our homecoming more than their own.

Our homecoming, which is a series of weeklong events, generates more revenue for the city of Greensboro than nearly any other event in a given year. And I can’t downplay the importance of the food. You can find anything you want to sink your teeth into from the tailgating – ribs, chicken, fried fish sausage dogs, chitterlings, smoked turkey legs, funnel cakes, hot dogs, burgers, and just about every kind of dish imaginable. The food definitely contributes to the close-knit atmosphere of the weekend.

The most important part of any homecoming is the feeling of re-connecting with people you haven’t seen in years, or who you only see during that time of the year. It’s great to hear about how well people are doing in their lives since you last saw them. One friend who I worked with on our college newspaper staff is now working as a production assistant for NBC Nightly News. I was stunned as he told me the story behind how he landed such a prestigious job; and  his experience of being interviewed by longtime NBC news anchor Brian Williams. Many of my fraternity brothers have great jobs in their field and I  caught up with an old friend who works for a local news affiliate. And here I am still at Food Lion making less than $10 an hour.

Of course, it was a bit discouraging to hear so much good news, but I’m very happy that my friends are doing so well in their careers. If anything, hearing their success stories kind of reassured me that my time is coming soon. Plus there is a scripture about celebrating  the happiness of others. Basically, I feel the more happy I get for others then the quicker something will happen for me. I hope!!!!!

Overall, I would say this was the best week of my year by far. Can’t wait until next October for it to happen all over again.


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