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Is This the Beginning of the “No-Confidence” Era of Monday Night Raw???

Two nights ago, one of the more interesting and unintentionally funny moments in WWE history occurred when the entire roster of Monday Night Raw (and Smackdown too) walked out on the acting Chief Operating Officer of the company, Triple H.

It was quite the scene to say the least. The entire storyline is that ever since Triple H was promoted to COO, the company has spiraled out of control, especially after last Sunday’s Hell in the Cell pay-per-view. So that brought us to the closing segment of this week’s show where the entire roster (including the cameramen!) gave him the ultimate finishing blow. A move more devastating than Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner, Rock’s People’s Elbow, and Undertaker’s Tombstone Piledriver combined: The lethal vote of No-Confidence!!!!!!!!!!

Many fans and critics have blasted the angle thinking it gives another opportunity for the spotlight to be cast on Triple H, who is pretty much semi-retired and will likely only wrestle a few matches per year in the future. He’s a former 13x world champion and a legit WWE legend; so he hardly needs to be pushed as the featured performer. Personally, I enjoyed it and am curious to see how it plays out over the next few weeks.

Even if you don’t follow wrestling or even know who any of the guys in the video are, it’s still pretty entertaining to watch how melodramatic the whole thing was. I heard that WWE hired some soap opera scriptwriters earlier this year in order to give their shows a more realistic edge. If this is any indication of where the company is headed then may I suggest the following new name for the show: “As the WWE Turns.”


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