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More Edge News

Wow. Last week may have been one of the most emotional weeks in WWE history. The shocking retirement of Edge is by far the biggest news story of the year thus far in pro wrestling. Forget about Rock vs. John Cena being made official for next year’s Wrestlemania. Edge’s retirement has made him the single most talked about guy in the industry. He announced his retirement on last week’s edition of Raw and the 4/15 Smackdown was esentially an Edge tribute show. At the end of the evening Edge was given a grand 2008 Ric Flair-style sendoff from all the wrestlers on the Smackdown roster (including HHH) and addressed the fans while thanking the many people who made his great career possible. In case you missed out, you can catch up to speed with these clips. I highly reccomend you view the Curt Hawkins video as you can clearly tell that Edge made a major impact on his career and life.

Excellent video of WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins sharing his thoughts on Edge

Career Retrospective which aired on Smackdown

Farewell Address Part 1 (features all the guys paying tribute to him)

Farewell Address Part 2


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