Pro Wrestling

Smackdown Thoughts from 2/6/09

Smackdown was quite the show this week. I thought the two main things that stood out were the continuation of the Matt Hardy heel turn and the good main event of HHH/Undertaker vs. Edge/Big Show. The Hardy turn has been handled well so far as he continued it up after his phenomenal promo last week with a good beatdown on fan favorite and fellow North Carolinian Shane Helms. Hardy is doing a good job of coming across as the cold, uncaring and totally humorless heel just like Chris Jericho did during his feud with Shawn Michaels last year. Jeff returns on next week’s show and it should be highly interesting to see how things play out.

The main event tag match was good. I can’t recall too many times over the years where Taker and HHH have teamed up so that was pretty special. The action was good and the finish was laugh-out-loud hilarious as  Show ended up decking Edge with his new patented knockout jab. Edge did the best job of selling that blow out of anyone that I’ve seen since Show started doing it. Taker finished Edge off with the tombstone piledriver for the pin. Afterwards, HHH and Taker had a staredown.  The SD Elimination Chamber match for No Way Out should be pretty good considering who is in it. Koslov, HHH, Jeff, Edge, Show and Taker. Of all those, Koslov is by far the weakest link, but he shouldn’t stand out too much as long as the others carry out their end of the match.

I must also say that the six-man tag between Carlio, Primo & R-Truth vs. Miz, Morrison and Kendrick was sweet. The finishing sequence was crazy and I rewinded it like five times! Those six guys always give a strong effort and they have good chemistry together.  I will be back on Tuesday with thoughts from this coming week’s edition of Raw.


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